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The Board of Sweetgrass Development in partnership with the Montana State University Extension Local Government Center (MSU-LGC), Browning Community Development Corporation (BCDC) and Southeastern Montana Economic Development District (SEMEDD) prepared the five year plan. This is a living document that will be updated each year.

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Production of a CEDS document is an EDA requirement to attain recognition as an Economic Development District. The CEDS document is the result of a local planning process, designed to guide the economic growth of an area. This is a five year plan that guides the Scope of Work for each year.


  • This Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is a resource for Sweetgrass Development to accomplish the following:
  • The region will have a diversified age population with services, recreational, economic opportunities to support the populace and serve as a destination for young and old.
  • The region will contain unique and individualized communities with updated infrastructure, adequate and affordable housing, a strong business presence and vibrant economy, with flexibility for continued growth and expansion.
  • The region will serve as a corridor to Glacier National Park providing leisure activities for locals as well as visitors.
  • The development within the region will connect citizens and visitors worldwide through technology and infrastructure.
  • Preserve the local heritage and improve the quality of life while protecting the environment.


This CEDS document was developed by staff and Board of Sweetgrass Development and SEMEDD. Seven community meetings were held throughout the region, facilitated by MSU-LGC and notes provided by the staff of BCDC. The citizens of the region were heavily involved in the identification of community opportunities and challenges and the development of an action plan. The process for developing the CEDS consisted of:

A series of community meetings community meetings in each of the five counties, with the focus on identification of strengths and weakness, both economic and social in each area the throughout the region.

  • Development of Vision, Goals and Objectives for addressing opportunities and challenges.
  • Development of an action plan.

The focus groups and economic analysis were conducted during the summer and fall of 2011. A draft of the CEDS document was circulated for review by the Board of Directors, staff, and Strategy Committee in October. A final draft was available for public comment in November and submitted to EDA in December 2011. EDA approval was granted at the end of January 2012.

A guidance in the development of this document and additional information regarding the requirements may be found at www.doc.gov/eda.