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Sweetgrass Board of Directors Membership Roster

1. Government Representatives (51+%)

Name Government Position
Mike Henning Town of Fairfield Council Member
Jim Larsen Cascade County Commissioner
Larry Bonderud City of Shelby Mayor
Gerald Wagner Blackfeet Tribe Appointed by Tribal Council
Llew Jones State of Montana Senator
Jim Hodgkiss Teton County Commissioner
Lorette Carter City of Shelby City Development Coord
Deb Brandon Toole County Commissioner
Sandy Broesder Pondera County Commissioner
Tom McKay Glacier County Commissioner


2. Non-Government Representatives (up to 49%)

Name Company/Enterprise Position
Lila Evans B and L Plumbing Owner
Cynthia Johnson Desert Claim Farm Owner
Cheryl Curry Curry Cattle Owner
Steve Malicott Gt Falls Chamb of Commerce President
Mel Lehman Interim. Director of Outreach GF College MSU
Jason Gibson Private Businessman Private Businessman
Tony Sitzmann Oil West Services Private Business Owner


Calculations Number Percent
1. Government Representatives (51+%) 10 59%
2. Non-Government Representatives (up to 49%) 7 41%
Total Board Membership 17 100%
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Cascade County was named for the falls on the Missouri River, cascade means waterfall in French. At the time of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Cascade County was the territory of the Blackfeet. As of the 2010 census, the population was 81,327. Its county seat is Great Falls.