What We Do

Following the vision and using the information from the community meetings and through the updated background data, our goals and objectives are outlined below. An action plan will be developed yearly to directly address these goals and objectives.

  • Goal 1: The region will have a diversified age population with services, recreational, economic opportunities to support the populace and serve as a destination for young and old.
  • Goal 2: The region will contain unique and individualized communities with updated infrastructure, adequate and affordable housing, a strong business presence and vibrant economy, with flexibility for continued growth and expansion.
  • Goal 3: The region will serve as a corridor to Glacier National Park providing leisure activities for locals as well as visitors.
  • Goal 4: The development within the region will connect citizens and visitors worldwide through technology and infrastructure.
  • Goal 5: Preserve the local heritage and improve the quality of life while protecting the environment.
    • Objective 1: Work to develop a community supportive of aging adults and a senior community through creating projects that focus on additional services, enhanced accessibility, recreation and health.
    • Objective 2: Develop County or Regional Housing task force(s) to develop a process to increase housing quality and affordability.
    • Objective 3: Strengthen, support, and promote the local/regional economy. Provide more diversified economic opportunities which encourage youth to stay or come back to the communities.
    • Objective 4: Increase value-added agriculture and local agriculture development opportunities in the region.
    • Objective 5: Provide information and assistance for energy development within the region.
    • Objective 6: Strengthen the main streets and downtowns .
    • Objective 7: Promote visitation, participation and tourism within the region.
    • Objective 8: Assist with the financing and development of private, public and non-profit sector infrastructure projects to support economic growth and maintain quality of life issues throughout the region.
    • Objective 9: Assist with development of local and regional transportation networks.
    • Objective 10: Increase broadband opportunities and capabilities within the region
    • Objective 11: Continue to develop a balance between business and environment through the continued development of renewable and sustainable energies and through clean-up of identified areas, to develop more usable land.