NCMEDD Board of Directors Membership Roster

1. Government Representatives (51+%)

Name Government
Mary Ann Harwood Toole County
Jim Larsen Cascade County
Gerald Wagner Blackfeet Tribe
Jim Hodgskiss Teton County
Lorette Carter City of Shelby
Dale Siefert Pondera County
Llew Jones State of Montana
John Overcast Glacier County
Holly Hovland Town of Sunburst
Del Darko Town of Belt


2. Non-Government Representatives (up to 49%)

Name Company/Enterprise
Lila Evans B and L Pumping
Cynthia Johnson Desert Claim Farm
Mike Mills 3Rivers
Jason Gibson Bridger Steel
Tony Sitzmann Oil West Services
Brenda Schilling Glacier County Port Authority
Shane Etzwiler Great Falls Chamber of Commerce


Calculations Number Percent
1. Government Representatives (51+%) 10 59%
2. Non-Government Representatives (up to 49%) 7 41%
Total Board Membership 17 100%