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Lessons about digital marketing (and photos!)

We had a great run last week with digital marketing trainings in Conrad and in Shelby, both hosted by Sweetgrass Development and run by Karoline Rose from KRose Company. Karoline speaks from an agricultural background as well as extensive experience with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Hearing her tips, tricks, and tools of the trade sparked a lot of animated conversation. We also got to hear from our friends at the MT Department of Transportation, Pondera Regional Port Authority, and the Glacier County Regional Port Authority!

Business owners who attended one (or both!) workshops got to spend 4 hours covering the demographics who use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other prominent platforms, and how different kinds of businesses should utilize different platforms in different ways. We got into tracking engagement, creating and planning content, defining success as part of a bigger business plan, website design and implementation, email lists, and so much more!

Special thanks to the Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce, the Shelby Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Great Falls Development Authority for helping us spread the word about these workshops! We have a two-day QuickBooks workshop coming up in Choteau on June 2, so mark your calendars.

Do you have questions about how best to spend your time as a business owner on the Internet? Contact us today!

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