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Watch "The A-Zs of Meat Processing" Today!

We held an online webinar today covering the ins and outs of the meat processing industry in Montana. Corey Hageman, our regional director, presented to an audience representing a wide array of Montanan businesses and entities. He brought his years of experience in the restaurant industry to bear in what he described as a "10,000-foot overview" of what to expect when getting started in the meat processing industry. From feasibility studies to safety regulations to workforce development, he covered a lot of ground to demonstrate what you should know and plan for before starting a meat processing business.

We were pleased to welcome Cynthia Johnson and Lila Evans, both members of the Sweetgrass Development Board of Directors, as well as Gary Hamel from the State of Montana Department of Livestock and John Podolinsky from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality. Great conversations were held in both the morning and afternoon sessions about the need for additional meat processing businesses in the state.

You can access our slides below, as well as a recording of our afternoon session. Additionally, we are working on a dedicated webpage to chronicling the meat processing industry, coming soon.

NCMEDD Meat Processing Presentation FINA
Download • 1.69MB

Please contact Corey at if you want to talk about starting a meat-processing business here in north-central Montana!

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